HTML5 Banner Ad Design

The HTML5 banner ad design is a revolution for current display banner advertising. Its great is to build responsive banner ads which can be adjustable with all type of screens and all type of device. With the help of HTML5 websites, content display advertisement is now more compatible with today’s responsive web screen layouts. On the very beginning of mobile media devices, it was quite unpredictable to see much web content in small screens. The content ads or banner ads are usually made with flash and animated GIF files with the pixel dimensions. These make them completely inflexible and almost useless, because they were hard to see on mobile devices. So, in this point HTML 5 comes to the rescue, the rise of this, a new opportunity has been opened for creating a banner for the responsive site.

HTML5 banner ad design- A new way of banner ads

Banner ad design which is compatible for all kind of devices is not that simple. It’s a hard and time-intensive work to suit even all kinds of screens that the banner ad appears on all screens. And that could be only possible with the help of HTML5.
Hypertext Markup Language in short HTML now comes with its upgrade version HTML5 especially for responsive web design. It is a standard language which used to describe the contents and design of web pages.
This is a significant force in online advertising and it will get you the flexibility to run your ads on any device, any screens. It makes easier to both publishers and advertisers to create cross-device ad campaigns. For example, you may want to create an animated banner ad for any product campaign. If it’s good enough for fitting on all type of devices, then you will get rid of making hundred of a version of same ads that means your banner production will increase more and it will reduce the possibility of likelihood of errors.
There is some more element can be adjustable by the using of HTML5 including text, images, video and java-script. It can dramatically optimize the ads so that it fits for all screens and look perfect. It does not only work for adjusting banner size it will help you to get much more audience than before.

What is the necessity of HTML5 in the age of mobile media devices?

With the increasing number of the mobile device, their user, and the web browsing through mobile devices, the necessity of building responsive display advertisements has been increased vastly. From the past few years, we saw that, consumers starting to access the internet from their mobile device more than desktop devices. With changing of time, responsive design has become critical in mobile ads. Because, there are a huge number, size, and shape of mobile device screen continuously coming into the market. Many different screen sizes and no one screen size taking more than 17% of the market, building accurate responsive banner ads that display correctly on all screen size is essential to make successful advertisement campaign.

Responsive layout requires those elements which have variable widths and a conventional banner ad must follow it. The height is not that important on responsive design. But it’s not necessary to remain at the same height for all of the ads. You just have to maintain the capability with the traditional banner size. Here we are given bellow some useful banner sizes with standard heights that you use for HTML5 banner ad design ads.

  • button 1 (120 x 90)
  • leader-board (728 x 90)
  • vertical banner (120 x 240)
  • square pop-up (250 x 250)
  • medium rectangle (300 x 250)
  • skyscraper (120 x 600)
  • wide skyscraper (240 x 600)
  • half-page ad (300 x 600)

All this are perfect for vertical size with variable widths that covers the most popular add sizes. Using of HTML5 on these sizes for your responsive banner ads, you can be sure that most of the devices will display them perfectly.

The growth of mobile advertising

Over the past couple of years, mobile advertising has become an industry all of its own. HTML5 scores much better on mobiles. Because it is compatible with all type of mobile devices so that the screens. And the mobile advertising market grows rapidly by the passing time. People increase their searching through mobile so all of the online business now depending on this media mostly. That’s why the growth of mobile ads and the demand of responsive banner ad also increase over the time. And HTML5 plays its role perfectly in here.

What about the users?

The main goal of advertising is anything is to reach all the facts to the maximum users. That's why different type of company uses different type of working strategy for advertising. Although this is a simple but effective media can work for advertising in more significantly. Nowadays, people use mobile devices for various purpose and marketer aim this for its usability and number of using. To marketing planning changing through mobile and HTML6 responsive banner ad also complement those changing incredibly.

The ways to build HTML5 banner ads

There are two ways to build your responsive banner ads. Like-
On the first way, you can make the banner responsive by manually code the banner ads. You will find many useful tutorials on online to know how to do this effectively. These require the knowledge of HTML and CSS and need a lot of practice. It is a time requiring process so you may try the second way. Just use a banner production team like Banner-Guru. It will take care of all the necessary action to make banners highly effective and compatible with all popular publishers like Google Adwords, Bing, Adroll etc.

In our final verdict, it can be said that the market is changing toward mobile and we have to adopt the system to create the responsive banner ads if you want to make sure to reach your audience and grab maximum customers. And on this point, HTML5 banner ad design works great to easier this process.